Latest Peachwave Mobile Kitchen headed to Shawnee, OK

July 10, 2024

We are so excited to introduce you to new Peachwave licensees, Kim & Greg Smith! Their Peachwave Mobile Kitchen is currently in production and will be based out of Shawnee, Oklahoma which is just outside of Oklahoma City. It’s an ideal location as Shawnee, and the surrounding towns, all offer a plethora of opportunities¬†to maximize sales days through the many events, festivals, athletic complexes, and overall underserved locations for healthier frozen treats.¬†

As they went through their exploration process, their excitement for the business accelerated through visits to the operationally excellent Tulsa Hills, OK Peachwave (Dave Bourdon), and also to the highly successful Peachwave Mobile Kitchen in Greenbrier, AR (Billy McLendon). A special shoutout to Dave and Billy… guys rock! 

Kim and Greg bring a wealth of business experience and a passion for their community that will no doubt contribute to many years of success. Welcome to Peachwave Kim, Greg and family!