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Our experienced team—with many decades of restaurant experience—guides you every step of the way, ensuring you’re equipped with the training, tools, technology, and products to thrive before, during, and after opening. From the very beginning, our team will work with you to identify a store solution and business plan that meets your goals and budget. Peachwave stores are available in many formats and sizes. Whether it’s navigating construction, receiving advanced marketing coaching, access to an ever expanding portfolio of healthier, tasty products and 110+ flavor recipes, or quickly obtaining operational knowledge, you’ll save time and money with our support in countless ways.

We’re Not Like The Other Guys

Unlike typical franchises, under our licensing model we don’t charge royalty, marketing, or franchise fees!

Typically, franchisors take between 35-45% of profits due to various franchisor fees on your gross sales. We sell our branded, proprietary, and exclusive products only to Peachwave licensees at bona fide wholesale prices.

Peachwave vs. Competition

Franchise fees as a % of profit = (Annual Gross Sales x Royalty and Marketing Fee %) / EBITA before Royalty and Marketing Fees.

Franchise fee dollars used for calculations in this illustration are based on a hypothetical store that has annual gross sales of $400,000 and therefore associated royalty and marketing fees between $28,000 and $36,000 per year (7%-9% fees respectively).

*For illustration purposes only, $80,000 earnings before taxes, interest, depreciation and franchise fees is hypothetical and is not indicative of the actual EBITA representations made by any particular brand.

Typical Franchise Independent Owner
No Fees or Royalties
Financing Referral Program
Expert Support
Proprietary Products
Gift Card & Loyalty Campaign Support
Group Purchasing Power
Promotional Item Store
Local Supply Purchasing Options
No Routine Financial Audits

Your Path to Opening

With Peachwave, you don’t have to wait years to make your dreams a reality. Depending on the store option you choose, you could be up and running in as little as a few months! After you fill out our discovery form and engage in a consultative phone call, we get the ball rolling with business planning and your "Path to Opening." Our team helps you every step of the way, so you’ll be ready to be your own boss by the time you open!

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Explore Our Store Formats

Dine-in self-service

Traditional “Brick & Mortar” layout (including drive thru options).


Small format for space usage inside an existing business (i.e. store, concession stand, family entertainment center, etc.).

"Mobile Trailer"

Sell just about anywhere.
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Freestanding counter format (i.e food courts, cafeterias).

If you have an idea that might fit our existing store service solutions, give us a call! We always enjoy a good challenge to solve new ways to expand Peachwave. If you have an “out-of-the-box” idea, we’d love to hear about it!

Consider the Investment You Can Make

Traditional Storefront Estimates

Cost Type



Initial Franchise Fee $0 $0
Lease & License Deposits $7,000 $13,500
Initial Inventory $7,000 $10,000
Training & Travel $1,500 $3,750
Insurance (90 days during buildout) $500 $750
Working Capital – 3 Months $8,000 $20,000
Initial Advertising $1,000 $2,500
Equipment, Furniture, Fixtures, Supplies $149,500 $178,500
Leasehold Improvements (includes TI) $107,500 $175,000
Legal & Accounting Services $1,000 $3,250
Business Licenses, Utility/Vendor Deposits. Pre-Opening insurance $1,000 $2,250
Total Investment $284,000 $409,500

Mobile Kitchen Estimates

Cost Type



Initial Franchise Fee $0 $0
Peachwave Mobile Kitchen $69,500 $95,800
Initial Inventory & Supplies $3,000 $5,500
Travel, Living Expenses while Training $1,500 $3,500
Initial Deposits, Licenses, Legal, Insurance, Working Capital $3,500 $4,000
Initial Advertising $500 $1,000
Total Investment $78,000 $109,800

Financing Referral Program

We understand raising money to start your own business can be challenging, and every financial situation is unique. That is why we have a national equipment lease-to-own partner who understands our business to assist with start-up costs for well-qualified candidates. Their application processes have been designed for swift credit decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Licensing and Cost

What is the main difference between franchising and licensing?

The biggest difference is that at Peachwave, you will not be charged ongoing franchise fees or royalties. Our licensees keep 100% of their profits! But, our licensees still enjoy services that typical franchises offer such as exclusive proprietary products and recipes; branding and marketing support; store opening and ongoing technology, processes, and systems training; and construction consultation.

What are ownership financial requirements?

At least $85,000 of liquid capital is generally required for a traditional storefront, and $45,000 of liquid capital is generally required for a mobile kitchen. However, final liquidity requirements are often determined by the need and ability to obtain bank financing and final store start-up costs. When compared with typical franchises, our liquidity requirements are low because our store start-up costs are typically lower.

How much does it cost to open a traditional Peachwave storefront?

The estimated initial investment for a single traditional storefront Peachwave location ranges between $225,000 – $435,000. Several factors contribute to fluctuating startup costs and can include, but are not limited to factors related to landlord-provided free-rent periods and/or tenant improvement credits, security deposits, local permits, local wages, deviations from brand guidelines, leased space size, configuration and condition, local material and labor rates, etc. And because we do not charge royalties or ongoing fees, your return on investment can be MUCH quicker than our franchised competitors!

How much does it cost to purchase a Peachwave mobile kitchen?

The mobile kitchen purchase price can be as low as $64,500 + geographically dependent costs associated with state and local taxes, registration fees, regulatory fees, permits, delivery, etc. Additional startup costs that will vary per individual owner circumstances and needs will be those expenses related to the towing vehicle, onboard generator option, and working capital

Is financing available?

Peachwave is not a lender and therefore does not finance the development of traditional storefronts or mobile kitchens, rather licensees enjoy the flexibility to seek and source financing however they wish. However, Peachwave does have a partnership with a nationally trusted leasing partner available to assist in the financing process. Terms will vary depending on your financial circumstances.

Is restaurant experience a requirement to open a Peachwave traditional store or mobile kitchen?

Not at all! What you will need is to enjoy engaging and actively promoting in your community, making people smile, and a basic understanding of business.

Opening a Traditional Storefront

Where can I open my store?

We believe that nobody knows your local market better than you. Ultimately, it is your decision. However, we can offer various screening factors based on our experience as to why some locations may perform better than others.

Who is going to build my store?

More freedom! Our licensees enjoy the fact that they can select their own local contractors and professional services to work with while still receiving store design and layout support from our expert Peachwave team.

How long does it take to open a store?

Construction of a traditional storefront typically takes between 75 to 100 days. However, preparation and planning before construction is essential. It’s typical to plan an additional 6 to 8 weeks before construction to obtain architects, contractors, local permits, a final lease, financing, and business licenses.

What is a good size for a new Peachwave?

We recommend 1,100 to 1,700 square feet for traditional storefronts. However, we have successfully built slightly larger and slightly smaller footprints. Kiosk-style setups, like in high-traffic malls, target at least 300 square feet of workable space.

Opening a Mobile Kitchen

How much does a Peachwave Mobile Kitchen cost?

Please scroll up and refer to the first section of the FAQ above titled “Licensing and Cost”.

How long does it take to receive a mobile kitchen?

Within days of your mobile kitchen order placement, you will receive an estimated ready date. You will be kept up-to-date routinely on the progress (including pictures) and completion date of your mobile kitchen. We will then work with you to set a date for inspection, acceptance, and training with a highly qualified Peachwave team member in Florida. You will choose from self-pickup or 3rd party transport options to receive your mobile kitchen at your final destination. Delivery timing can vary depending on your choice of transportation and your final destination location.

What type of vehicle is needed to move the Mobile Kitchen?

Generally speaking, a 1/2 ton or 1500 series pickup truck is typically adequate for transporting a Mobile Kitchen that does not have an onboard generator. Mobile Kitchens that do have an onboard generator typically require a 3/4 ton or 2500 series pickup truck due to added trailer tongue weight. Since each Mobile Kitchen is custom-configured to comply with local health regulations, the exact weight will not be known until build completion. It is important to direct any questions related to the towing capabilities of specific vehicles to an automotive dealership representative.

Who owns the mobile kitchen?

Quite simply, you do! Sell delicious and healthier frozen treats when you want and just about anywhere you can think of. This is flexibility at its finest!

Store Support

What kind of start-up support will I receive?

Peachwave licensees receive free individualized coaching every step of the way because we understand the importance of winning together! We provide personal off-site, pre-open training before and throughout your construction phase. Your Peachwave coach will also provide extensive in-store training leading up to your grand opening (you will only pay travel costs). And, you will get ongoing operational support from your expert Peachwave coach after you open because we know that running a store invites a lot of new questions! Our 24/7 online Peachwave University provides you access to valuable training tools whenever you’d like.

Do you issue licenses to open new stores outside of the United States?

Peachwave currently actively evaluates the issuance of new store licenses in the continental United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Central America. For new licenses outside of these regions, only organizations with demonstrated experience and success in broadly implementing and managing new restaurant brand concepts in that region would be considered at this time.

Who do I order my store supplies from?

Another amazing benefit of being a Peachwave licensee is that you have exclusive access to Peachwave’s proprietary ingredients, branded items, disposables, maintenance supplies, and various toppings at bona-fide wholesale prices. Our online licensee ordering system is available 24/7 to our licensees. Peachwave’s centrally located U.S. distribution center means fast, easy, and efficient freight delivery of our products directly to your store. You can also enjoy the flexibility of supporting your community and/or inviting price competition by sourcing fresh dairy and produce, other approved toppings, and various store supplies through vendors of your choice.